Twistys-Alina Ali Lily Lou wngirlsplayhengirlsplay 1080p


Lily Lou has been ogling her hot personal trainer, and she’s decided today is the day she’s finally going to make her move. After Alina Ali puts Lily through her paces and gets her hands on the brunette’s arms during weights, Lily leans forward to kiss the curly-haired trainer on a bench. Seems like that’s just what Alina was waiting for, because she eagerly pushes up Lily’s gym top to kiss and suck her tits, and soon she’s licking her pussy. Lily knows that trainers deserve to be treated too, so she bends Alina over and laps at her slit from behind before the babes 69 in front of the mirror! Lily’s gonna have to trib with Alina every training session!

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