Fake Driving School-Tru Kait Spors 1080p


Tru Kait and her boyfriend Tommy Wood are running late for their flight, so when they spot the vacant Fake Taxi, the couple decides to hop in the backseat and wait for the cabbie to return. Unfortunately, their arguing only escalates, and when Tru discovers that Tommy has been cheating on her, she is seething! However, while pinning him down, the sexy brunette gets wet with desire and pushes her big tits in her lover’s face! The tall, dark-haired stud kisses and sucks on Tru’s bouncing boobs, and afterwards the horny babe gags on his long, thick cock in a sensational blowjob. Wanting to be fucked, Tru spreads her legs and invites Tommy to give her a hard pounding in missionary position, then the well-hung hunk eats out his girlfriend’s tight pussy until she drenches him with her orgasm! After getting on all fours, Tru takes a doggystyle fucking from behind before straddling Tommy and riding him in cowgirl. When it is time to cum, Tommy jerks off and covers Tru’s pretty face in his juices!

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